NECTEC-Fox Official website

NECTEC-Fox is an add-on software for Firefox to bring a "text-highlighted translation" on English words into Thai and vice versa as pop-ups. Currently the add-on is compatible with Firefox versions 8.0 or above. The add-on has been tested to work equally on Windows 7, Mac OSX version 10.7.3 and Ubuntu Desktop 10.04. After installing NECTEC-Fox add-on, user must restart Firefox in order to activate the dictionary functionality.


Disclaimer: NECTEC-Fox is still under development, and we are not responsible for any losses or accidents related to the use of the software. Please report any problems with NECTEC-Fox to us at the email address nattapol.kritsuthikul < a t >

NECTEC-Fox lastest released version (v0.2.1) - click here to install (only on firefox)

NECTEC-Fox latest development snapshot - click here to install (only on firefox)

The latest development snapshot will be built frequently from the current development code - in whatever state it's currently in. If you need a fix for a particularly crippling bug, you may well be able to find a fixed NECTEC-Fox here well before the fix makes it into the release version above. On the other hand, these snapshots might sometimes be unstable.


NECTEC-Fox version 0.2.0

NECTEC-Fox version 0.1.7

NECTEC-Fox version 0.1.6

NECTEC-Fox version 0.1.5

NECTEC-Fox version 0.1.4

NECTEC-Fox version 0.1.3

NECTEC-Fox version 0.1.2

NECTEC-Fox version 0.1.1

NECTEC-Fox version 0.1.0